Hello to all Flute Makers, Flute Players, Flute Lovers, Flute Music Teachers & Flute Students. 


As a lover of the flute and player, some of the most relaxing and meditative moments in my life have been spent playing my flute, practising my scales or listening to other wonderful flute players.


I have owned a few flutes over the years and they range from wooden flutes, tin whistles, transverse flutes, nickel plated concert flutes and solid silver professional flutes.  


When first starting out playing the flute, I loved their magical sounds, especially those reflected by the concert flute through classical music and also the more modern and sometimes referred to as the "Concept music style".

I then discovered the rich and dreamy tones borne of the bamboo flute and the sacred harmonics the native American flute delivers. 

I enjoy just about every genre' of music that a concert flute can deliver when played well and when I add to that the foot tapping music produced by playing the irish wooden flutes and the tin whistles, I thought that I just about had it all covered being able to play along to any genre of music I liked with my chosen flute without a problem.


Until one day when practicing on one of my metal flutes, I noticed that each time I played for any length of time, short or long and in any kind of weather, hot or cold, that I would have a big black smudge on my chin!


After careful inspection and research, and refusing to accept some people telling me that I might be 'allergic to the flute', NO! 


I searched high and low for a solution to my problem to no avail, until I discovered that the black smudge or black flute chin as I called it, is caused by a chemical reaction that happens between the metal flutes headpiece and the contact it has with the skin while playing and so, to cut a long story short, that was the day my Willows' Invisible Lip Guards were born.

Willows' Invisible Lip Guards 

Protection against any allergic reaction to Silver or Metal Flutes

My New Lip Guards work to prevent any allergy caused by any silver or metal flute and completely eradicate forever the prospect of the dreaded and most unflattering 'Black Flute Chin' (BFC).


The BFC occurs during practice as well as performing on stage under the heat of the stage lights and it has  been described as a reaction between the  natural PH balance of the skin reacting to the metal or silver content of the flute and/or the player unfortunately having an allergy to the flute.


NO ! NO ! NO ! 


Willows' Invisible Lip Guards are the only way to keep your demonstration flutes spotlessly clean and hygienic between student tryouts. 

Lip Guards are Anti-Slip
Lip Guards are Anti-Allergy
Lip Guards are  Clean and Safe

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